Monday, May 31, 2010

on the occasion of miss lulu's 14th birthday

For Luisa, Waiting to be Fetched

Darkness, too, has no mother
unless it’s silence.
In the lot where you kick
a stone across the asphalt,
the dark loses form like a leper.



Bebe said...

Beautiful Sarah. Happy B-Day to your daughter.

:) brenda

Kathleen said...

I staggered, too.

BJeronimo said...

Isn't it strange being on the other end of a situation that you took to be life for so long?

How is the new room working out, still no land grabbers?

Anonymous said...

I'v always loved this poem, Sarah.


Kass said...

I love this poem.

SarahJane said...

I wrote this some years ago when my daughter was younger and I neglected to pick her up from a class trip. I didn't realize I had to, and she was left standing in the parking lot until a teacher finally called me and asked wtf. Oh well, I felt pretty bad about that. But no real harm was done, and I got a poem out of it.

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