Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My mom is coming to visit, which is great. I will gladly vacate my room for her. She used to sleep in the computer room in the cellar because she didn’t want to walk up two flights to the attic guest room. Plus there’s a place to smoke in the cellar, which she did/does. She can’t smoke in my room but she’ll enjoy better surroundings, including a windowful of wisteria. I’m even considering putting up wallpaper, which will freak my husband out. Ha ha!

Whenever my mother comes I make a book order at Amazon. She sent me her itinerary yesterday and despite the limp euro I made my order. I really do have a small hill of books at home I need to get to, but what the heck. Here’s my list:

The Door by Magda Szabo - This doesn't sound like something I'd usually read but I was sold on a few good reviews.

A Sorrow Beyond Dreams by Peter Handke - I've always wanted to read him, and put this memoir of his mother's suicide on my list a long time ago. Looking forward to it. The book, I mean.

Awe by Dorothea Lasky - I've read a couple of her poems and really enjoyed them. I hope I will not be disappointed. I hate that.

Factory of Tears by Valzhyna Mort - ditto above

The Birds by Tarjei Vesaas - I probably found this in that senseless book I love to hate, "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die." But really, this book sounds like the prototype for "Lark and Termite," which was a disappointment. Except of course this one sounds like it doesn't suck.

How German It Is by Walter Abish - I asked myself if I really needed this. Probably not. Then I read the first page (on Amazon?) and decided that actually I did.

With Deer by Aase Berg - I had better be blown away, that's all I can say. But really, I'm part of a poetry group at Good Reads and this was recently reviewed, and it sounds different and new and worthwhile.

The Poetry of Surrealism by Michael Benedikt - ditto above with the blown-away clause


Kathleen said...

I'm so glad your mother will visit. And I love reading your list of books! I heard a great mother/reading story yesterday (and will put it in my blog), and my mother read poetry to me when I was tiny.

Kass said...

Book order, mother visit, caviar - all celebratory things. Smoking in the basement? - reeks as part of a poem.

BJeronimo said...

for me, there are some people that it is enjoyable to see them smoke. i don't enjoy the lingering smell of the stale smoke but the fresh smoke is nice somehow. i like when a woman is unabashed in her smoking and it seems somewhat empowering; sort of the hutzpah a man is assigned when smoking a cigar.

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