Thursday, May 20, 2010

brown bread

What could be worse than a rejection that arrives one mere day after you’ve submitted some poems?

I guess a rejection that comes 220 days after you’ve submitted to a publication that doesn’t take simultaneous submissions would be worse.

Well, thank god that didn’t happen!


BJeronimo said...

i don't know which i'd prefer, a short-lived agony that follows closely to the act or a long-lived expectation punctuated by a short-lived agony.

is that a choice of self-delusion or do others truly misperceive greatness? in your case i'd say it's the latter.

ArtSparker said...


NE said...

I've received one-day turnarounds, too, and lamented like you. But a fellow poet (if I may flatter myself for lack of other volunteers doing same) assured me this is a blessing, as you can quickly move on and shop it around elsewhere.

Besides, one day or one hundred, if you're good then placement is only a matter of time and luck. It has to hit a reader slash editor who's sympatico (or sympatica). That's all. And we all have our prejudices (also known as "tastes" in some quarters).

Kathleen said...

Oh, dear. Yes, quickly move on with your WONDERFUL poems!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Hang in there. It's their loss!

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