Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Perp Walk

Mostly I feel like I should explode. Because there’s been so much prep devoted to National Poetry Month, so many venues established, goodies and treats arranged, board countdowns, prompts, etc., I felt I should just pop open and spread everybody with lemon Jell-O.

I’ve tried it before and succeeded. Tried it before and failed. In the end, I decided, despite being away a few days as of tomorrow, to try the Read Write Poem program and post every day on my other blog, but then yesterday Read Write Poem posted its obituary. So I thought . . . okay. . .

So if I write a poem/draft/rewrite, then so it goes. If not, amen. Hey, just like every month.

I’d hoped to take part in Kelli Rusell Agodon’s poetry giveaway with my chap but I needed a partner book to raffle – a new or “very gently used” book that was supposed to be one that I love – and thinking about that killed me. Give away a book I love? Then I thought I’d fake my love, but started to feel bad, like I was misrepresenting myself. My love! I happened on a “halfway loved” book I thought would do, but it turned out to have a brown stain on the top of the pages, and what is worse than a brown stain?

So here it is first day of Poetry Month, and already I’ve failed. But here’s a nice review of my chapbook, which is a longer version a review Jill Crammond Wickham did a couple months back for Read Write Poem.

I’ll be away for a few days in Weimar, including a side trip to Buchenwald, so happy trails.


Toni Clark said...

SJ, If you're not posting with us, at least dip your toes in The Waters from time to time. We'll miss you! tc

NE said...

Wow, your travel plans echo my teaching this week. First, I was all over the Weimar Republic (bridge between World Wars) to give the kids context for what preceded the Reich. The little history lesson is so they understand the "Why?" and the "How?" of the book NIGHT.

And guess where NIGHT ends? That's right -- Buchenwald. The camp where Elie Wiesel was liberated.

Enjoy your historic travels, then.

Ron. said...

Safe sailin, lady. Bring us something back, ya?

SarahJane said...

I wanted to, Toni. But like I said I'll be away a few days, and I wondered if I could keep up with commenting on 4 other poems every day. I know you don't have to go deep into it, but still I'd like to say something.

NE - I read Night years ago. Can't remember that I liked it that much, but Elie Wiesel was a heroic guy.


Kathleen said...

Safe travels to you. Looking forward to your poems.

Thanks for posting the great review.

Toni Clark said...

Yay, Sarah! That's a terrific review. And I agree wholeheartedly. Feel free to join in the NaPo fun with us when you get home. I'll be away for a few days, myself. Not sure how I'll manage it. Play it by ear, I think.

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