Thursday, April 08, 2010

electric boots

I took the day off. Pretty quiet week in Europe anyway.
Slept 11 hours, then three cups of coffee.

When I was 11 or less, my favorite song was by Elton John.
His real name was Reginald Dwight. Nerd name?

My poem "Voyager" was a finalist for inclusion in The Best of the Net 2009. Didn't make it though.
Did I need to know this?
I have a hard time with disappointment.
There's just so much of it.

Not to wallow!

song of the day: bennie & the jets


Kass said...

Who was judging this contest? Who did they poll? Not me....I'm outraged!

Ernie Kovacs with Elton John? Who thinks of these things?

Kass said...

Read 5 of the winners. Your Voyager belongs there It's magical. Some of the winners are too obvious, not as well-crafted.

SarahJane said...

You're hired, Kass.

Kass said...

Today I Wrote Nothing in the dish drainer.....Hmmmm......

Dave said...

I have serious reservations about that anthology. We didn't bother sending in nominations from qarrtsiluni this year.

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