Sunday, March 21, 2010

i fondly remember smoking

In my mouth
I once planted a star,
a crackling white rifle
pinched between a finger
and thumb, stuffed
and rolled
with sumptuous crumbs.


Anonymous said...

I remember it too, fondly. Don't think you ever get over that. Nice poem.


Kass said...

Another thing I've failed at - smoking. You do make it sound romantic, though.

NE said...

Hollywood tried to make it glamorous, too, but try kissing a smoker. So much for that.

SarahJane said...

that's what brooke shields said.

BJeronimo said...

smoking is cool.

NE said...

Anything is cool if you say it is. Exhibit A: Cucumbers.

rallentanda said...

I never had a problem kissing smokers.It was much easier giving up kissing than smoking

SarahJane said...

yeah. screw kissing. bring on the smoke.

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