Thursday, March 04, 2010

Fish Heads

I didn’t have any acceptances in my inbox this morning.
But I didn’t have any rejections in there either.
Somebody did send me a WC Williams poem.
THE WC Williams poem, ie "This Is Just To Say."

This is just to say I never particularly liked that poem.
And the worldwide frenzy for it only turned me off more.

Why didn’t somebody send me this poem instead?
Either that or some fish oil supplements.

Song of the day: Raindrops


Kass said...

Emily Toder's Gerunds is quite delightful, but the obsessive compulsive part of me is stuck on the lack of possessive apostrophe's in her description's even though she's titled her poem Gerunds. I know, I'm hopeless. Maybe I've been stealing too many plums from my neighbor's icebox.

Your new picture is great!

NE said...

Like your new water, water everywhere, blog page. Quite spring-like. In Just... no time things will be mudluscious and the wee goat man will whistle (shudder).

My poems have been garnering all manner of rejections as well. If it makes you feel any better, only one has made it through (to publication).

There now. Someone's always worse off than us, as my mom LOVED (a bit too much) to tell me repeatedly as if she'd thought it up herself....

Peter said...

I think I read three knockoffs of "This Is Just to Say" before I read the real one. I guess it's irresistible for many.

I particularly love the last couplet in "Gerunds." I hope someone sends that fine poem to you soon.

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