Friday, March 12, 2010

Feng Shui

When the bridge between east
and evening lies down to die

and the rain drops as freight
unevenly among the doomed,
I decorate my mind with drapes,

untie the silk ropes and tassels
that cinch them back

and appoint my room with jewels
looted from the later dynasties.
I am among immortals!

Still, there’s just so much
one soul can rearrange.

Also the river tires of coursing.
And the earth gets fed up
wth the burdens put on furniture.

When like most of us
the clouds have had enough
of bunching up and sundering,

I get on my bike,
circle three times the ditch
identified as best for resting

and fall asleep
head first.


Peter said...

Wonderful how the bridge never goes away through the length of the poem.

The poem's full of delight and world-weariness for me.

I love these lines best:

"and the rain drops as freight"


"the clouds have had enough
of bunching up and sundering"

Well, I really just wanted to say how much I like the poem. I still can't improve on a comment someone left under a poem I wrote a year ago:

"Really good. I read it twice!"

Sandy Longhorn said...

Awesome images going on here! My favorites: "And the earth gets fed up / with the burdens put on furniture." and "the clouds have had enough / of bunching up and sundering"
Thanks for sharing!

Kass said...

I hesitate to comment on your stuff sometimes because I feel redundant. Do you know how good you are?

ron hardy said...

Sarah, this is a wonderful opening line. It really sets up the rest of the poem for me. And you made me smile with the dog-like movement of your bike winding round and round into its sleep spot. I could hear the big sigh. Thank you girl.

SarahJane said...

Thanks. I know this has been up before but spring always makes me feel like everything is being rearranged.
That search strip in the navigation bar doesn't work for me. I even tried putting up another widget that would make it possible to search, but it also didn't work. Does anyone have advice? thanks

NE said...

Well, it's up for the first time for your newer readers (Exhibit A). Nice stuff. I'm into mind games, too. I think it's called "staying sane."

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