Tuesday, March 02, 2010

farewell, sapocalypse

“As the Olympic Cauldron is lit – the unique magic of the Olympic Games will be released upon us.

Magic so rare that it cannot be controlled by borders

The kind of magic that invades the human heart touching people of all cultures and beliefs –

Magic that calls for the best that human beings have to offer –

Magic that causes the athletes of the world to soar -- and the rest of us to dream.

Tonight – here - in the glow and wonder of the Flame -- we can all aspire to be Olympian . . .

(From the opening ceremony. Italics mine.)


NE said...

gag (either definition)

ron hardy said...

For me the Golden Sap Award goes to Bob Costas who interviewed the brave French-Canadian skater who won our hearts by skating to a bronze after her mother's sudden death. Upon learning that she watched cartoons such as Scooby Doo to learn English, Bob, so eloquently and solemnly, said,(and I paraphrase) "you say Scooby Doo so well."

SarahJane said...

so damned sappy.
Luckily "Slate" kept a sap-o-meter running.
Do French speakers have a particularly hard time pronouncing "Scooby Doo?" Of course not.

Kass said...

Mucous membranes (or is it memebrains) worked overtime to hock these loogie phrases up.

ron hardy said...

Only the Swedish Chef I would guess."Scorba-Dorba".(muppetese)

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