Monday, February 08, 2010

almost amazing grace

"Chris Allen, the aide who sat alone in the car with Sanford as he spoke to his furious wife on the phone, told CNN in an e-mail Friday that the drive to Columbia was 'awkward, emotional, almost fictitious, and at this point a blur.'" (CNN)

I must admire the invention of “almost fictitious” here. It’s completely screwed up, but delightful. I think he must have meant “almost unreal.” Of course if the drive is now "a blur," I don't know how one could judge it to be fictitious or not fictitious. Still, I’m going to steal the expression, since “almost fictitious” makes a great description.

I have an almost fictitious love of Puccini.
I spent an almost fictitious weekend in Rome.
My grasp of the situation is almost fictitious.
By ten o'clock, the evening was almost fictitious.

I think this is the expression many book reviewers have been searching for to describe that new animal, the embellished memoir.


Kass said...

Maybe Allen was trying to be almost obscure.

BJeronimo said...

Most of my mornings are almost fictitious. Fortunately, the rest of the day fully gets there.

SarahJane said...

Your cooking is delicious, she said almost fictitiously.

rallentanda said...

Unfortunate expression..
I'm old ,so fortunately I'll be dead before the English language is completely and utterly corrupted.
Loved your two new poems especially the New England one!

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