Wednesday, January 20, 2010

winter morning misanthropy

Our snow is gone, which is sad. Our slush is also gone, which is good. Not gone are those tiny pebbles they throw on the sidewalk to keep folks from slipping. These are legion, and mostly stuck in people’s shoes where they scratch across the floor of the subway car when the lazy shuffle in, just to annoy me.


Kass said...

I feel a song coming on - "Tiny pebbles, makes you feel fine...." Oh wait, that's 'tiny BUBBLES.'

SarahJane said...

bubbles WOULD make me feel fine in the subway, but no, just pebbles there.

ron hardy said...

Be glad it is not salt crystals, staining shoes and destroying the underside of vehicles, Sarah. A little hard shoe shuffle is not so bad. What do they use on roads over there?

NE said...

What's worse is when pebbles come into your house compliments of the grills under your running sneakers. There's just no keeping a house clean and carpets and hardwood floors alike are vulnerable. Oh. The dog brings them in, too, between his "pads," if that's what you call them. Life is ruff....

SarahJane said...

Ron - they throw those tiny pebbles! Salt is bad for the ground water, so it's cease and desist.

NE - You are right. But worse is that irritating sound they make on the subway floor! laugh

BJeronimo said...

I also hate when people chew with their mouth open or smack.

rallentanda said...

pebbles in soles
in shoes
in the subway
in winter
in dark berlin
and I bet you see
beautiful men carrying
violin cases looking
pale and interesting
sounds so Christopher Isherwood
so glamorous
so german
like a novel
white roses and berries
are presented to you
with a fluted glass
of champagne at work
I like your life

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