Sunday, November 15, 2009

rollercoaster, of love

I sat on a bench across from the big drop of the rollercoaster. I liked listening to the people scream. Some of the screams were enthusastic, like the man who went down with a series of monosyllables – something like whoa-hoo-ya-di-ya! Others seemed sincerely surprised - one guy erupted in a kind of gurgling wind-up at the top of the drop, then paused, then resumed screaming halfway down. Of course there were the glass-shatterers, mostly female, who let loose at one rippling pitch all the way to the bottom.

I had a sinus headache that kept me off the ride, but the rest of the family went on. The line was long, and I’d experienced a great deal of screaming by the time their turn came. Still I laughed like hell when I saw my husband round the uppermost curve, and heard him scream bloody murder into the plunge.

(this is a re-post in honor of finally getting the photo scanned)


Kass said...

I thought for sure you'd gotten that picture from the web until I read the last bit. It's so perfect - as was your description of wails.

SarahJane said...

It's real. Two grown men, at Legoland.

ron hardy said...

Great photo Sarah. I like their grips on the safety bars. I recall a similar photo of myself and children descending. All my kids had their arms up in the air while I looked like a jockey in the stretch experiencing 3g's on his face. All I could do was endure silently.

SarahJane said...

Why endure silently when screaming is the final freedom?!
I still laugh at how my husband looks like Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby.

ron hardy said...

Paralysis mostly. The ride was called the Magnum. 200 foot 60 degree drop, Ahhhhhhhhh.That feels better.

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