Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Afternoon of an acquaintance of a faun

I’m not living virtually much right now. My computer broke. It wasn’t me.

My computer “broke” a couple days before the washing machine took the same route and a few days before my husband had a small (one-vehicle) accident with the car. He pleads “no comment” when asked about the repair cost. I didn’t pursue the query, especially as we’re having a jillion-dollar heating system put in this week and are thus very brokely.

The accident took place just a day or two before another of my son’s teachers called to complain about his work habits. I grounded him.

The teacher (the English teacher, no less) called the same day I stupidly left my 1,000-page copy of The Kindly Ones on the train. It’s only as big as an elephant. Somehow I just overlooked it.

There is the feeling I’ve had my share of bad luck.
Or at least my capacity for surprised dismay has diminished.

In any case, I went to the lost & found at the train station Monday and they had found my book! Bookmark still tucked in p. 280. And, with a little arm-twisting, my son has been good the last few days. Ok, so he has nothing else to do.

Still, one can hope. The computer repairman is at the house …


toniclark said...

Ack! Bad luck. I'm glad the computer repairman is on the scene and hope it's a quick (and not costly) fix. My iPod, on which I had a couple of audiobooks, died and could not be resuscitated by any means, right before the cross-country flight from Seattle to Vermont. Fortunately, I had a New Yorker and my husband had his iPod. We traded back and forth.

toniclark said...

Oh, and you recovered your book. Excellent! Speaking of books, I recently received my copy of your chapbook from Rachel. A pleasure!

ron hardy said...

Dear Ms Sloat,

First let me congratulate you on your "recovery" from your recent "events". The state of disequilibrium you found yourself in was within acceptable standards for the range of a bounded cf*. We are a consortium of elves, depot gnomes, sprites, angelic beings, and assorted solid state entities who have provided you with assistance during this period of imbalance. Enclosed is a quality control questionnaire we hope you will fill out at your convenience. Please mail it off to:
Nocturnal Utilities
Attention: Todd and Tragor
The Knob Room
Findhorn, Scotland.
Good "luck"

"We will do our best.
You take care of the rest."

SarahJane said...

Thank you elves and such!

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