Friday, October 30, 2009

friday confession

budge BULGE budge BULGE budge
budge BULGE budge BULGE budge
budge BULGE budge BULGE budge
budge BULGE budge BULGE budge

So goes the slug.

I need to atone for one I killed when I was a kid. I sprinkled the poor thing with salt. It was a self-dare meant to impress my stepbrothers, which achieved nothing but disgust. Still, despite the self-loathing it inspired, it also perversely heightened my revulsion for slugs.

When I learned the German word for slug, I originally thought it was called the Nachtschnecke, or “night snail.” After literally years of wondering what slugs had to do with the night, I realized the real word is the Nacktschnecke, or “naked snail.” Nacht and Nackt sound very very similar. In any case, mystery explained! It seems so obvious now.

Maybe I’d like slugs more if they didn’t creep about crazy naked. Or if they limited their nakedness to the night. They’d look better in snug slug sweaters, like the one above. I’m thinking of adopting one from this knitter, who likewise suffers a slug obsession.


Beth said...

Oh Sarah, I did the same as a kid... but not just once. I had to go so far as to become vegetarian to atone. Slugs are as repulsive as anything on the planet. SOOOO many come out here after it rains, big big juicy slugs. If they really put me in a corner, I have to confess, I would revert to the salt.

SarahJane said...

In my opinion there are more slugs in Europe than America. When we were on vacation in Denmark a couple years ago, the place was littered with them. Yuck. Still, they don't make me feel homocidal. Or hungry.

Dave said...

Hey, at least you don't have land leeches. Fear of those has kept me out of south and southeast Asia so far. And if that doesn't creep you out, there are always flying snakes...

ron hardy said...

I like the naked snail image Sarah. Isn't it interesting that when a bullet leaves it shell and comes to rest in a person or object we call it a slug.

Adelaide said...

Thanks for the comment on my site. Do you knit? You could make your own slug following this pattern:

I might try it; those slugs are cute!

SarahJane said...

I wish I could knit. It would be better than playing brickbreaker, for example. But alas, it's a little late in the game for me so I am driven to purchase my slugs from third parties.

Kathleen said...

I have beautiful backyard slugs with diamond backs like snakes, so I am rather fond of them.

Also my niece's volleyball team in California was named the Banana Slugs. The school's mascot, yes.

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