Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hotel Hoodwink

Camroc Press was kind enough to take one of my poems. Red Cap is up today, a poem inspired by Red Riding Hood. Anyone familiar with fairy tales and psychoanalysis knows this is one screwed up story, and that's its whole allure - that flashy cape as prey to carnal urges, the forest itself the sexual psyche.

Speaking of badass forests, we're off on vacation as of Saturday to Germany's Black Forest. It's actually a kind of save-$ vacation since we usually spend a fortune on gas driving to the Alps, or take a plane somewhere. This'll only be 3 hours away, and without a view of the Mediterranean. Suits me. I don't think there will be any wolves there.

If you'd like to see a version of Red Riding Hood that includes a ferocious wolf, check out this one.


Jim Murdoch said...

Yes, I rewrote 'Red Riding Hood' for a competition a while back and did a lot of research beforehand. I had no idea there were so many variations of the story. In mine I had 'Red' turn into a werewolf and devour the 'woodsman's' twin brother a.k.a. 'the wolf'. I should really do something with it.

Congratulation on the acceptance. I hadn't heard of Camroc Press before. As they like short stuff I may well give them a go myself.

SarahJane said...

yes, do!

The story was originally French, I understand. It's good that this made you think of your story. Sometimes you find potential in something you'd long laid aside.

rallentanda said...

Pure poetry my dear,pure poetry!

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