Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Like most people, sometimes in solitude I talk to myself.
Sometimes it’s something significant like “I’ll never do that again.”
Or other times it's a revelation like “No time!”
It could be coupled with a grand gesture, or just shaking my head.
I do think mostly all this is not “talking” as much as “remarking,”
although I do sometimes ask myself an important question:
Do I want to eat the rest of this?”
Sometimes I’m just looking for a little companionship.
I say to myself, “It’s raining pretty hard out here.”
And I answer, “You are right.”


Anonymous said...

What makes you think other people do this; let alone MOST?

Ron H said...

Hi Sarah. First and second person is alright I think but I always wonder about myself when I sometimes stroll over into third person. As when my kids were small and I would peep through the blinds seeing them digging up the hostas. "Dad's not going to be happy about this," I would announce out loud.An R.D. Laing moment. Ron

SarahJane said...

oh the third person is a whole different ball game

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