Friday, June 26, 2009

the smoke enters my mustache

There’s a lot of noise out in the universe. We miss most of it in our little spaces.
For example, barking dogs. Right now, you can’t hear the one driving me nuts.

And really, what is with the dog star?
That must be loud. I bet it keeps whole neighborhoods awake.

Take my temperature. I feel a little better already.


Ron. said...

Not to worry; you're still hot.

fleck said...

It might be worse than you imagined, or better.

The dog star is a glowing star couple (as if there aren't enough of those on earth, now they're tax sheltering and adopting kids in our heavens).

The pair we see as one are Sirius A, which is type A1V (sounds like you might have flu...), and his companion Sirius B, a white dwarf DA2 (fortunately, that's last year's strain in astronomical terms).

Dominic Rivron said...

I'm sure the dogstar could annoy its neighbours, but if Betelgeuse goes supernova (which it might, soon) the effect will be pretty deafening! It would shine, it's said, as bright as the full moon. Fortunately we are apparently, a safe distance from it, but well-placed to enjoy the fireworks.

Valerie Loveland said...

Even after working at a pet resort, I am still not immune to barking dogs.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, for me, there are others out there in the cosmos like you and those commenting, to help me make sense of this thing.

Since finding Rain it has been nothing but provocative. Your Woody Allen-like annoyances are a delight to read. Your following seems to be a mix of veteran scientists, commentators and universal geniuses (at least most, excepting the present commentor.)

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