Friday, February 13, 2009

bell letters

dear meryl streep,
We adore you. You’re exquisite. But why’d you accept that role in Mamma Mia? We enjoyed watching you, but think it was a foolish decision. So what if you’re not young anymore. Who is?

dear very pregnant lady on the bus,
Hello, and please don’t be discouraged. Also clouds assume oddball shapes, but their progress is smoother than any boat on any lake.

dear ritter sport chocolate bar,
Alongside pustefix, you remain one of the few german upsides. I thank god america hasn’t discovered you. I have so few secrets.

dear pablo picasso,
I’ve been seeing your stuff since the day I was born and must admit I’ve been impressed. I remember viewing Nude Woman in a Red Armchair at the Tate and thinking the man is a genius. But still you seem like an egotistical bastard. Is that true? Modigliani, on the other hand ... soul galore!

dear president obama,
That’s it – just dear p.o. Because I’m glad to write it.

dear candle wax,
Stop corrupting my children with that hot slick. Every time I turn around they’ve plugged you with a weepy finger.


Nice Sebastian said...

I wondered the same thing about Meryl Streep in that movie. (And Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan, for that matter.)

SarahJane said...

she can do whatever she wants, of course. as sandra bullock says, meryl streep needs her own oscar category - just meryl streep winning something every year for whatever, although mamma mia! would be the exception proving the rule.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we set up unrealistic expectations; have an unrealistic idea of the world.

I daily criticize myself for the roles I've teaken in my life.

Kelli M said...

I enjoyed this blog and am a huge Meryl Streep and Picasso fan!

BGDR said...

Maybe Meryl Streep wanted a role that's the polar opposite of Sophie in Sophie's Choice.

Hate to tell you, but Ritter Sport bars have become fairly prevalent in the States. Even in backwater North Carolina, my mother got hold of them. Along with Toblerone and Nutella. Ancient German secret, eh?

SarahJane said...

I understand now if you want to buy a Ritter sport bar in the US you'll be obliged to buy an Opel car as well, lovingly manufactured by the german unit of GM.

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