Friday, February 20, 2009

austerity chic

Every day I'm more uneasy how steeply things are lurching downward. No one wants to hear this and I don't want to hear it either but I work in news and it's all I hear. Pretty soon we'll all be huddled in our dark empty cupboards, teeth chattering.
We'll be reduced to rags and eating polenta.
Whenever I think frugal I think polenta. The last time I ate polenta was in Italy on an agriturismo vacation. The polenta was grey - grey as if it had sucked all the smog from Milan. Even if things get worse, I won't eat any more polenta. My Italian husband agrees: no way.
I know some people think polenta is chic, but in more ways than one it's the culinary equivalent of burlap.


Tilt Press said...

ha! I actually love polenta (but we're a pretty traditional italian family)- we make it with provolone on top. I haven't eaten it in a while though, but the times they are a changin', aren't they. btw- my polenta is never grey - it always keeps it's cornish yellow coloring. I think I would be afraid of grey polenta.

Tilt Press said...

er *its* cornish...

bah, it's friday.

Ron. said...

po-LEN-ta, po-LEN-ta, po-LEN-ta.





Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of polenta — too much like hard work to make — but I suspect the trick to making it *really* nice is to put lots of butter and fresh herbs and cheese into it.

Nic Sebastian said...


(not that the thought of polenta doesn't make my tongue curdle and teeth ache, but hey)

SarahJane said...

Bash: 1. v. to deliver a violent blow. 2. n. a crushing blow.

Nic - I cannot bash polenta, or mash or smash or squash it, because I will not touch it.

Rachel & Harry, I am sure that, smothered in something wonderful, polenta might almost be palatable. The trick being you cannot SEE it.

"Come back to Sorrento."

Dana said...

I love polenta. I also love fried okra, though, so clearly I am not to be trusted, at least where food choices are concerned.

SarahJane said...

dana - just don't combine them, especially if the okra has gone slimey from too much mixing.

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