Tuesday, February 03, 2009

as writing is itself a translation

I'll be guest-blogging this week over at linebreak.


Anonymous said...

Finally some intelligent repartee to be brought to LineBreak - you go girl!

Tilt Press said...

Exciting, Sarah! I'm looking forward to your week-long stint.

LKD said...

How cool is that.

I didn't even know LineBreak had a blog.

Thanks for waking me up.

My word verification is ocktot.

Which could possible the singular of one of the octuplets currently causing a bit of a storm over yonder in this paw paw patch. 14 kids and all of them were implanted embryos.


I'll toddle over to the blog and see what I shall see.

Liz said...

Good show, Sarah - keep on soaring...!

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