Sunday, January 18, 2009

soft rock

So I was reading the wedding announcements this morning and it appears to be some kind of American mating ritual to touch heads in the announcement photos. All the couples are there putting their heads together; either she's tilting hers into his or vice versa. Boink! The symmetrical tilt is especially cheesy.

Wasn't it the Coneheads who found pleasure in rubbing their noggins together?


Lisa Allender said...

This is so hilarious--your reference to the "Coneheads" is spot-on! But you know what? A head tilted TOWARDS someone usually indicates(according to researchers) extreme affection for that person.
So, yeah, it's a cheese-y shot, but most likely, valid.

Anonymous said...

you're in my land of liberty: it makes me go all gooey inside. makes me wanna bump my noggin on somethin'.

Ron. said...

I believe this is where the phrase "to give some head" comes from, right?

SarahJane said...

if the guy leans it's a sign of weakness.

Lisa Allender said...

Is it really a sign of weakness? Maybe researchers interpreted it that way-- men openly showing(via tilting their head) affection.

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