Saturday, December 06, 2008

3x fast

I did pretty much nothing today. I swore I wouldn't spend more than 20 mins in the video store picking out a film but of course I was there forever. I made a model Titanic with Miles, and then a very complicated WWI airplane. I bought olives, huge capers and feta cheese, and a book for Luisa. And I hurried home to record "Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat" for The Dirty Napkin, which will be in their next issue. I had a date to call their editor at 5 pm, and didn't want to be late. It was morning where he was.

I have a poem up at Qarrtsiluni called "Tin," my second in this issue - Journaling the Apocalypse. I read that one, too. Just push the button. Or read it to yourself.
I'd prefer that.

I'm reading everything these days.

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, a painter I spoke about a few posts ago, has sent me the full image of her piece "Wendy and Pato Go Boating."


Anonymous said...

isn't it more like you're *being read* everywhere these days?!
yes, yes, YES!
sjs rox!
what a great verifier that'd be. . .

Bebe said...

Hi Sarah,

Congratulations on the recent acceptances! I love the painitng, it is wonderful! It is good to be in the 30:30 with you, I am much enjoying reading you.

:) brenda

verifier--how odd is this for me

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