Saturday, October 25, 2008

the seriously babbling brook

I am still under the sway of America. I know this because in the shower today I was thinking about Triscuits. Is the cracker named Triscuit because it appears to be woven like a basket, and you should arrive at that subliminally due to “A tisket, a tasket?” The Triscuit does carry edibles, as does a basket. Or is it a play on biscuit, biscuit coming from “biscotti,” meaning “twice baked.” Is the Triscuit thrice-baked? Is the Triscuit a sibling of Bisquick? Or is it simply a cute made-up word that almost rhymes with “mess kit,” or, stretchingly, “gimlet?” My mother always has Triscuits at her house and frankly I find the whole damned contraption too salty. And I am conserving water and arrived at no conclusion before having to evacuate the shower.


Peter said...

I was out of my parents' house before I figured out how Uneeda Biscuit, another Nabisco product, got its name. As a kid, I thought the girl on the box was named Uneeda. I had that wrong, too: it was a boy.

They make low-sodium Triscuits, you know.

Talia said...

They also make garlic and rosemary flavored ones...mmmm.

SarahJane said...


S. Thomas Summers (Scott) said...

I use Triscuts to shingle my tool shed.

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