Sunday, August 31, 2008

tell me something good

I had two poems accepted today, which was startling since it seems a coon's age since I submitted anything. So I worked up the mental wherewithal to send a batch of poems out, too. I figured it was the end of August - I hadn't done anything all month and longer, and I do have a couple poems I like just slouching around the watercooler.

Sometimes I get so discouraged about submitting. Is anyone really going to read these poems, I think. I look at online journals and ask, do people really visit this site and read the poems, except for the poets who are in the issue? Or I go to a journal where I've been published and find they've got some real clunkers in their new issue, and I ask, why are they doing this? To meeeee? No, to themselves!

But there are journals I read frequently, a whole bunch of them ones I'd never submit to. Some of the online zines I bookmark are 2River, 42Opus, Blood Orange, Boxcar, Wicked Alice, Caffeine Destiny, Dirty Napkin, Fou, Green Hills, Juked, At Large, Linebreak, Opium, Swink, diode, Unsplendid, DMQ, Word for Word ... et cetera et cetera. I've linked randomly because I'm lazy.

Please do me a favor and add something good to my list.


Sorlil said...

I would add Qarrtsiluni to your list as a very worth-a-look-at online journal, though I don't know how to pronounce the name! -

Charmi said...

Congrats on your acceptances! That's always motivating.

I'll just put another plug in for Dirty Napkin. They sent me a very nice and encouraging rejection. Sometimes those are more helpful than acceptances.

SarahJane said...

Qarrtsiluni is definitely one i visit. Thanks for reminding me.

Charmi, I really admire Dirty Napkin, one of the best new ezines around in my opinion. Nice concept, attractive layout, good poetry and Letters! they just sent me a nice rejection, too, actually. I hope to have something with which to try again next time.

Rachel Mallino said...

I just found Blossombones not too long ago and really like them - you can find them on Tilt's blog.

I read a lot of the ones you've already listed - love Linbreak, love 42opus.

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