Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I dreamed my friend X. had written a marvelous poem, all crafty
and delightful. Towards the end – it was a print-out, not
handwritten – a new stanza began, “Hey, Po…..,” and I couldn’t
see the word right but read it as Pocahontas. It was perfect how
X. slipped in the Indian Princess. On second glance, though,
it turned out to say “Polaroid,” which seemed even better.
I woke up and realized it was a dream, and that I should
quick write down those words, and – it occurred to me –
also the word pissoir.


LKD said...


I learned a new word today.

How cool is that.

It's an elegant sounding word for what it represents.

I had no idea that that particular verb was of french origin.


I think I'll start calling my cats pissoir!

(oh, the joys of cleaning out the litter box....)

Rick Rubenstein said...

. . .it's amazing what Google can bring you. A few minutes ago, I was thinking about my old friend Sarah Sloat from Drew University, with whom I have not spoken in twenty four years, since lunch at the Nautilus Diner. A few minutes later, I am reading her blog and finding that she's even more interesting now than when she was 21.


Rick Rubenstein
Drew '82

SarahJane said...

i thought ovipositor would have been the new word! Yes, "pissoir" is such a beautiful word for a place to piss. Its brother "bidet" is also lovely. smile

SarahJane said...

rick rubenstein....
ahem, i believe you were 21, and i was pushing 19. very nice to hear from you. are you in NJ?

Rick Rubenstein said...

Indeed, we were that young, weren't we?
I live in Morris County, practice law in Livingston, and can be emailed at rrubenstein@mycomcast.com.

Wie gehts?

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