Monday, April 14, 2008

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Obama's race speech, and Obama in general, sparked a bunch of fiery discussion, and interesting phrases, too. Today I read something about the bitterness comment concerning "downscale whites." I had to think about that for a moment. Does that mean they're some low-glow shade of grey, or deep beige? Can someone downscale her whiteness?

I also recently saw a survey asking people how they feel about "the opposite race." I rolled that around a while. What is it? If we're talking "color," then everyone knows most "white" people aren't white - they're pinkish with spots. And there aren't really all that many black-black people. In Germany the kids say "brown girl/boy" instead. Still, if we're approximating and the opposite of white = black, what is the opposite of Asian? And Slavic? And if Native Americans are "The Red Man," is their opposite green?

Or maybe "race" is a competition, making "opposite race" an inversion. So, may I think of "the opposite race" as the person running towards me?

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Laura said...

My sons are sort of golden-beige, having a Pakistani father. When the older one was about 5, I remember him saying "I'm all tan, but Mama, you're pink!"

Loved the "Hair" clip.

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