Thursday, March 06, 2008

moonlighting as me

Three of my poems are up at nth position.


Valerie Loveland said...

I can relate to "I have 1 million bookmarks."

I enjoyed these!

Laura said...

Sarah, these are lovely! Many congrats.

Sara Kearns said...

hi sarah,

what a co-winky-dink -- i was just catching up on some of my reading, was at nth position, read your work there, and thought, "i have to let sarah know i just love the line, 'moonlighting as me,'..." so i came over to your blog and saw those lovely words again.

anyway, good work on those three. and i think i already told you, but it deserves repeating, that 'excuse me while i wring this long swim out of my hair' is just one of the best titles i've read in quite a while. along with amy king's 'kiss me with the mouth of your country,' it's making me feel quite self-conscious and insecure about my titles, but otherwise absolutely delighted.

bravo sarah

Lisa Allender said...

I found you through valerie loveland's blog, or jensen's.One or the other. Anyway...
Love the work here. Especially the "one million bookmarks, where the hell are they now?"
comeread me, post a comment. no registration necessary. just read, click, post!

SarahJane said...

thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

yes, i tried to love a comment the other day, but bloogle was all wonky.
love all your lines.

your riffer,

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