Friday, March 28, 2008

friday confession: got a mule, her name is sal

Until this week I thought that the Suez in Suez Canal was Zeus spelled backwards. On Tuesday I learned it's a real place. Come to think of it, it would be cheeky for the canal builders to choose a name as a kind of trick. I think I may have gotten this notion from a crossword puzzle clue years ago.


LKD said...

I was expecting a Nirvana video.


Who's singing this twangy little ditty?

The video is fun as heck to watch.

I never much liked swimming myself. Probably because I learned how to swim in a cold murky lake.

Have you got your voice back yet? Years ago, when my father was still alive, he and my mother visited my brother out on the east coast and the 2nd day there, my mother came down with this strange, sudden malady that completely stripped her of her voice for days. The grandchildren were quite young at the time, and it really freaked them out to have gramma whispering at them.

It's weird the stuff you remember out of the clear blue.

SarahJane said...

singing are kate and anna mcgarrigle, though i believe the song was written by loudon wainwright. i love that song, and k&a.

my voice has been largely restored, but after two or three syllables i like to erupt in a racking cough that really scares children away!

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