Saturday, February 09, 2008

pellucid rooms

In good news I got an acceptance note from Blood Orange Review for “Jellyfish” (There are rooms underwater / we can’t imagine). American Poetry Journal is taking “Finishing Touch” (What is it like in your white hair). And Warbler, a start-up, took two poems for its first issue ("Folk Art" & "Out of the Nowhere of Afternoon"). I've linked to Warbler's blog on the left.

I also got my share of rejections, including Flyway, Dirty Napkin and Barnstorm. All form rejections, which frown in their beer.

Amendment: Dirty Napkin did take a poem: "Outdoor Cafe." Because they send a response to every poem rather than to the submission, I prematurely figured the three poems in my submission had been rejected.

Traveller snowglobe by Martin & Munez. More here.


Ash said...

I do hope you'll consider sending Linebreak some of your gorgeous words.

Valerie Loveland said...


It must be a lot of extra work for DN to send responses to each poem.

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