Friday, January 25, 2008

yet more thoughts on the owl and the pussycat

“and sang to a small guitar”
The owl and the pussycat is actually about interracial marriage. The owl is a latino man and the cat a Cherokee woman and they are fleeing the persecution of their families.

“oh lovely pussy, oh pussy my love”
The owl and the pussycat is actually a lesbian love story. The cat is Diana the Huntress, feminine but also strong, and the owl is the take-charge partner, symbolizing Athena.

“too long we have tarried”
The owl and the pussycat is really about a capitalist (the owl, who wants to exploit the piggywig) and a communist (the pussycat, who until meeting the owl considered marriage a corrupt institution) and with their country in revolutionary upheaval they flee political consequences.

“how charmingly sweet you sing”
The owl and the pussycat is really a May-December romance story, with Richard Gere in the role of the wise old owl who can’t wait to get his hooks in the velvety Winona.

“you elegant fowl”
The owl and the pussycat is really about an owl and a pussycat.

“which they ate with a runcible spoon”
The story ends in tragedy. The pussycat is after all a cat, which eats birds.

“they sailed away for a year and a day”
The owl and the pussycat is a road movie with the two buddies who complement each other. The cat cannot fly, and the owl regrets never having had eyelashes. One drives and the other gives directions.


Dave said...

All very plausible. Sounds like a workable outline for a follow-up volume to The Pooh Perplex.

Anonymous said...

oh, this is much better than my pre-school mind's explanation! or, my mother's. or my own in wake of my mother's. this *is* a poem, right?

SarahJane said...

regrettably, it's no poem. just lack of sleep.

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