Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Some nights I still lie down with my son when he’s going to bed. He's also allowed to sleep in my bed sometimes. I like going to sleep with him because we have great conversations at night. He gets to talk all he wants. Being a bit of a stammerer, less articulate than his sister, I appreciate his having the opportunity. He tells me about his friend whose parents are getting a divorce. He tells me about school, jealousy, what he’d like to learn to do, or something that hurt his or somebody else’s feelings. We also make things up. One night we were talking about why people seem to chew their cuds while asleep. Last night we discussed sleeping positions. I said I prefer sleeping on my stomach, but that it’s better for your back to sleep on your side or your back. He said he also likes to sleep on his stomach, but his back is bothering him (he fell) so maybe he’d take my advice. It was a very harmonious talk, not to be underestimated at the end of the day.
(He's the one on the left. On the right, is our friend K.)

Sleep’s Achievement

Sleep chews me up in its gums.
No bother about bones.

Then what?

Then it starts to snow.


When the moon goes all gluey,
sleep’s lips stick to it.


Liz said...

Sarah, what a beautiful account...and the photo is the expressions ...and the poem is real cool too...makes me yearn a wee bit for 10:10 and some live poem reading : )

michi said...

lovely. the whole post. thanks, m

ps glad you enjoyed rufus. cd-burning is on my list for this w/e.

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