Sunday, November 11, 2007

all i want is some good news

Anything would do.

A discovered talent.
Seasonal temperatures.
Paradise regained.
A healthy baby.
A true book that doesn’t leave you shattered.
"Dog alerts family to fire."
Lamb chops and carmelized onions for dinner.
The best man wins.

Anybody got any good news?


S. Thomas Summers said...

my son will turn 4 on the 15th. love that boy of mine!!!

Liz said...

Fab rundown, Sarah: ))...sometimes good news looked at upside down can have a stingy tail ; ) ( I'm blaming the flu ...; ))


SarahJane said...

happy birthday to your boy, scott! 4 is a great age.
thx lizzie - maybe when your flu is gone...

michi said...

good news ... hm, surely not that i fell *up* the elevator stairs this morning and three of my fingers bled quite a bit. surely not that i still have not been paid by that **** company. surely not that dosage of my meds has been increased.

but maybe that of the 45 copies of my chapbook that i am getting, only 1 is not spoken for yet! :D

and maybe that i went to a really good concert on saturday.

and surely that i have wonderful friends.

femsk, says the word verifier. must mean something like "go girl".

LKD said...

There are only 433 days 5 hours and 48 minutes left in Bush's presidency.

Pamela said...

Surprisingly, in this 39-degree weather, I have a bloom on my pink rosebush.

Hedgie said...

Well, my recently-diagnosed diabetes has turned out to be controllable at this point by diet, exercise, and oral medication -- all good news as far as I'm concerned.

The lime curd tarts I'm planning on preparing for Thanksgiving and which I experimented with this afternoon turned out quite delicious.

I've just discovered a new (to me) novelist who's really excellent: the Nobel Prize-winning Portugese José Saramago; I'm currently reading Baltasar and Blimunda, a richly textured novel of early 18th century Portugal.

Are 3 good things enough?

SarahJane said...

thanks all. i've been feeling like shit.

Charlene D. said...

I think you might think this is good news.∈_page_id=1770>
and this one from November 13th.

There are good things out there, everywhere.

And here, free hugs must feel good.

(makes me feel pretty good just watching it.)

Charlene D. said...

ack - the top one didn't work - it was a news report in the Daily News about a low-ranked school that made massive improvements because the teacher used Harry Potter-inspired themes to engage the students.

Charlene D. said...

oh, and I had to find this one for you:

Dg and Cat Honored for Saving Their Masters

SarahJane said...

thanks char. can you solve my PayPal problems, too?

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