Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Confession

I enjoy sneezing. The tingle high and deep in the nose is just the beginning. I love the pouchy sensation that makes me squint, my shoulders hunch, and how the sneeze is like a flush that makes me feel like I just woke up in a new world.


S. Thomas Sumers said...

bless you.


LKD said...

I've always enjoyed blessing people after they sneeze.

Makes me feel important, briefly.

And kind.

And polite.

And, oddly, chivalrous.

No big deal: Just saving a soul before I go on about my business.

Dave said...

A literal ecstasy of sorts. Much nobler than its low comedic relative the hiccup.

SarahJane said...

i remember being a kid how i hated when my sister had the hiccups. she had the loudest hiccups in new jersey. or at least the most annoying.
my son had the hiccups yesterday, and made sure to tell me how much he hates them. my sister seemed to relish them.

Jessy said...

Two things. One, I heartily dislike being blessed after a sneeze. I read about a staunch atheist who, when blessed, responds "No THANK you" in the same cadence as "Bless you." I don't go that far. I don't mind the German "Gesundheit" or the Spanish "Salud." Two, John Irving's characters in Setting Free the Bears talk about the sneeze as a metaphor for orgasm, saying girls who hold their sneezes back are frigid, or something like that.

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