Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I stopped at the bakery this morning to get my raisin rolls for breakfast. The lady said they had a new baker so the rolls were different. I looked at them. They were bigger. “Do they cost the same?” I asked, not because I cared but because I already had the 1 euro 30 cents change counted out. They did. I noticed under the light that the rolls were baked with white flour and were brushed with sugar that lay gleaming on top. I wasn’t too happy about that. Daniel, who works as an IT tech at my office was also at the bakery, but I stood behind a big guy so he couldn’t see me. I hate “running into” people. I have absolutely nothing to say. Daniel is nice, though; he has fixed my computer a million times. And he has a long ponytail. I like ponytails on men. But only ponytails. If the hair is really long, I don't like when it's shaken out. That’s freaky. My husband hates long hair on men. He also doesn’t like earrings. Our 9-year old keeps asking if he can get an earring when he’s older and my husband always launches into his evil eye-roll. I tell our son there’s nothing wrong with an earring. Earrings can look good on men, some men. If the man doesn’t look good to begin with, though, an earring won’t help. What can I say about my husband? He’s a small, dark handsome guy from Italy. Some of his prejudices make me laugh. Like whenever someone is drinking tea, he says “tea is for sick people.” I don’t know – I find that hilarious. He also doesn’t like raisins. Neither does our son. But I do. Except the raisins in these new raisin rolls have miniscule seeds in them, which I dislike biting. And since I have to tear the roll in order to dunk it in my coffee, I get the sugar goop all over my fingers. And since I can’t use the computer keyboard without fingers, I have to suck off the goop. Which is gross considering everything. Which is a way of digesting everything.


Valerie Loveland said...

My boyfriend has long hair (ponytail).

When I see loose long hair on men, I can't help but think of Sebastian Bach from Skid Row.

Dave said...

Whenever I see a guy with long hair, I assume he's an asshole: a biker, a hippie, or some other lifestyle counterculturalist. Ponytails with receding hairlines is an especially unfortunate look.

As you can imagine, I avoid spending much time in front of the mirror. Ponytails are very low maintainance.

Valerie Loveland said...

I should probably clarify: thinking about Sebastian Bach from Skid Row is not a good thing.

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