Friday, September 21, 2007

friday confession

If smoking were not unhealthy, I'd be smoking right now.


dave said...

*sigh* me too.

LKD said...

Ah, me too.

Today's the first day I've thought about smoking in years.

Told a coworker that I finally quit smoking when I realized I was only doing it because I was bored and was using it as a form of meditation.

I'll never smoke again. But sometimes, when it snows, I miss standing out in the cold blowing smoke in between the falling flakes.

And on nights like this when the crickets are so loud they drown out all other sound, I wish I was standing out there in the dark inundated staring at the half moon letting my cigarette do the thinking.

SarahJane said...

I'm twelve years smoke-free and counting. My husband recently asked me if I ever have the urge to smoke, and I was, like, doesn't everybody?! He used to smoke, too, but in a saintly way - one or two cigarettes a day. I smoked like a fiend. After what I thought was a respectable amount of cigarettes to smoke, I'd go hide somewhere and smoke some more.

So I try to stay away, keeping clean in this dept. Got enough other bad habits. smile

Valerie Loveland said...

I've never even tried a cigarette, but I always do in my dreams.

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