Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Name Your Poison

American Dream Syndrome, claims cultural influence, of wanting to get ahead economically causes crime.

Antisocial Personality Disorder, Does not normally satisfy requirements to be declared incompetent or insane, but is often admitted in court to explain chronic fits of anger and violence if subject takes pleasure in violating society's rules (as with sociopathy or psychopathy). Used as part of a defense or mitigating factor by defense attorneys, but more commonly seen as an aggravating factor by prosecutors, judges, and juries.

Arbitrary Abuse of Power Syndrome, claims behavior due to dealing with bureaucrats all day.

Black Rage Syndrome, created by NY attorney William Kunstler after reading Black Rage by Grier & Cobbs. Anger over racial injustice serves as catalyst or trigger for pre-existing mental problem. Used unsuccessfully in the Colin Ferguson case who killed six passengers on a Long Island train.

Cherambault-Kandinsky Syndrome, or CKS, an erotomanic disorder invented by John Hopkins sexologists to explain desparate acts, such as child abduction and extortion, common to lovesick parents or ex-spouses, person presumably falls under a "spell" much like epilepsy. Admitted in a NY court in 1992.

Distant Father Syndrome, invented by Robert Bly in "Iron John," explains crime as vindictiveness toward an absent father who never payed child support and never showed son his workplace.

Gone with the Wind Syndrome, used by rape experts to explain why rapists believe sex has to be spontaneous and done after some resistance on the part of the woman.

Mother Lion Defense, seeks to justify mother's violent reactions taken to protect her children. Often admitted and successful!

Nice-Lady Syndrome, used to explain why unhappy people stay with abusive or unsatisfactory mates, because they care about other's feelings more than their own, co-dependency, Al-Anon.

Premenstrual Stress Syndrome, hormonal changes are so severe that a woman is driven to the unthinkable. Used successfully to acquit Virginia surgeon Geraldine Richter in 1991 for DUI & Zsa Zsa-type behavior.

Situational Stress Syndrome, the idea that trivial things, like acne pimple outbreaks, cause crime.

SuperJock Syndrome
, part of the O.J. Simpson defense. Coined by Dr. Susan Forward, the therapist who treated Nicole Simpson. Athletes, especially superstars, are presumably prone to violence when frustrated. No respected psychology organization recognized this syndrome.

Twinkie Defense, in 1978, Dan White was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter instead of first degree murder for the killing of San Fransisco Mayor, George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. At the time immediately before the killings, Dan White only consumed junk food.

Unhappy Gay Sailor Syndrome, a condition describing the frustration and anger of gay & lesbian soldiers forced to serve out their tour of duty in the closet, first used to justify the charge of sabotage when a gun turret exploded on the USS Iowa.

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