Tuesday, August 21, 2007

little poem that changed the morning

I recently got David Ignatow’s book of selected poems Against the Evidence. He’s not fond of ornament or adjective – he goes skinny on the props. You won’t find a lot of birdsong, rosebuds, dead Pompeiians or delicate tendrils climbing a trellis! I find the straightforwardness appealing, and like how a statement that starts out simple can take on an unexpected depth and implication. He can also be funny, which I appreciate. Here’s a poem I read this morning.

The Signal

How can I regret my life
when I find the blue-green traffic light
on the corner delightful against the red brick
of my house. It is when the signal turns red
that I lose interest. At night
I am content to watch the blue-green
come on against the dark
and I do not torture myself
with my shortcomings.


LKD said...

Thanks for sharing this poem.

I don't know his work at all.

But I like this poem a lot.

A lot.

I just trotted over to Webdelsol which has made the poems of this book available online.

Thank you for pointing me in Mr. Ignatow's direction.

I like, I like.

I need, I need.

Charlene D. said...

I have to buy his book. I really like the sample. Thanks, Sarah!

SarahJane said...

So glad to know you both liked the poem(s). I also recommend the very slim volume "Figures of the Human."

and thanks for pointing out that web del sol cache. good to know when I'm sad at work.


Donna Munro said...

Swell poem. I'll impale it where I can see it when I drink my a.m. coffee.

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