Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I’ve never kept sheep, / but it’s as if I did. / My soul is like a shepherd.

Buffalo Carp turned down five poems. Too bad. I will try again probably. With other poems.

Kaleidowhirl accepted “Henry, the World,” which is a veiled epistle to an old boyfriend of mine, who is named Peter and not Henry, and “Hurricane Season,” which is, believe it or not, a hurricane poem.

Crab Orchard rejected five poems. They put a note at the bottom saying they’d liked “Used Books,” which I’d withdrawn. They’re taking submissions on the theme of adolescence now for anyone so inclined.

Opium accepted “On the Way to Meet my Daughter’s Teacher“ for Opium5. It’s a variety of suicide poem. But it uses the phrase “kill myself” instead of “suicide” for the sake of subtlety.

Wicked Alice took “Stovetop,” an empty nest poem, and “Snorkeling,” a snorkeling poem. I've never been snorkeling, but it’s as if I have.

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