Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I didn’t get a rejection from Poetry Magazine

Because a slurry of moisty debilitating leeches began to nibble and suckle me every time my mind came closer than 10 miles to the idea of submitting, I have not received a rejection. It is unbelievable! No rejection from Poetry! I feel very alone among men.


LKD said...

Geez Louise, Sarah Jane.

I pegged you as having cojones.

Balls, dammit.



Your poetry is so fearless.

I thought you were too.

Be brave.

If anyone's poetry deserves to be backed by courageousness, it's yours.

Now, consider yourself thoroughly pep-talked, pull the leeches off and submit!


Valerie Loveland said...

If you are going to submit, now is the time--until September, they are only accepting submissions from people who haven't been published in the magazine before.

Charlene D. said...

Go Sarah Go!

SarahJane said...

Valerie -
yes - that's the only reason it ever occured to me to try, though it didn't really occur to me, at all, not by a longshot.

Laurel -
love your pep talk. thanks. I love the word "cojones." I think of it whenever I see Dow Jones & Co.

char -
i'm so happy as is, not being rejected...

Anonymous said...


You have been accepted so many times in so many venues - what are a few rejections no matter from whom or what. Shine up those cojones and go for the basket.


michi said...

sarah - how will you ever get a rejection from them if you don't submit? although of course, there is always the danger of actually being accepted. but i suppose you can handle that. right?

nuubyi, says the word verifier.


SarahJane said...

You'll be delighted to know I have also never ever been rejected by The Atlantic Monthly. This, and many other fine publications. have never found fault with my work. That they have never seen my work is secondary. They could see it, if they asked.

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