Friday, August 17, 2007

Because there aren't enough cute animals on the internet

Dogs with barks blog.
Dogs with smarts blog.
Dogs in clogs that bark with smarts blog.

Dog run – food bowl
Milk bone - blogroll
Flea spray - wolfboy
Blogspot – chewtoy

Chew the chewtoy in the foodbowl.
Add the wolfboy to the blogroll.
Spray the fleaspray on our dog Spot.
Run spot! Run spot!
Run, spot, run!

thanks to gardenpainter for doggirl

1 comment:

Charlene D. said...

The collage is back - that's very sweet :) Surfing all those websites back for the CMJ made me want to try my hand at it someday. Ah well, when the world opens up a minute, maybe I'll slip through.

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