Saturday, July 28, 2007

it's always ourselves we find at the sea

Our most gorgeous Danish experience was walking the tidal flats. I’m sure there’s a word for this activity – in German it’s “Wattwandern.” Basically it’s walking barefoot through the shallow waters of the seabed when the tide is out. From the look of the landscape you seem to be far out in the ocean but the water level is so low you can see everything going on in the sand. We went with a Dutch family and a guide, a young woman from Germany who is doing an “ecological year” in Denmark. The Dutch woman said the walk was nicer here than in the Netherlands flats, which are slimey and smell bad. The Danish flats were pristine. The guide gave us all broom-like net contraptions with which to catch shrimp and fish and crabs. She also showed us how the sea birds dig for clams with their feet, and we all became sea birds digging for clams. We caught many creatures and dumped them in a basin to observe, then set them free again when the walk was over.

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