Thursday, May 10, 2007

maybe it was worth rejection

Thank you for submitting to alice blue. We appreciate your continued support and patronage. Unfortunately we were unable to find a place for your work in this issue. Sometimes this happens. Monkeys press switches and little babies freak out & cry, “pick me!” “pick me!” but it’s all monkeys here so don’t despair. More opportunities skitter towards you with alice blue hypodermics, ice water, and The World’s record for rapid eye movement.
Much love, the editorial staff


BLAKE said...

is that a real rejection letter?
i don't even know what to make of it...

Liz said...

Wow - surely in a league of its own - I read the 'more opportunities skittering towards you'as positive - love it and would defo submit again - I bet their acceptances are worth reading too : )

Arlene said...

oooooh!!! i want this rejection, i want it, want it!!!

twice, i just got the friendly personal back-pat from one of the editors. what did you do to deserve one? teehee. i'd like to try it or whatever it is you've been having.

have lovely weekend!


SarahJane said...

This is the form rejection. Honestly I don't think most of writing I do really fits alice blue, but I had a couple poems that might have. and i enjoyed the last issue so I submitted.
i did enjoy the rejection text, if not rejection.

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