Saturday, May 26, 2007

Carlo took Luisa to see Le Nozze di Figaro the other evening at Frankfurt's opera house. It was her first opera, and Mozart was a good choice. Figaro was, coincidentally, also the first opera I ever saw - with my mother at the New York City Opera. Anyway, I made a big to-do about Luisa going, because she enjoys being fussed over. She wore this beautiful dress - unfortunately you can't see it's a dark dark plum, and I lent her my Chinese purse. Miles and I waved goodbye, and settled in to
watch Indiana Jones on video for the
umpteenth time, pyjamaramaed,
happy as clams.


Andrew Shields said...

Any stories about Miles, Luisa, and Sara(h) always make me get all mushy. :-)

Rachel Mallino said...

what a beautiful picture, Sarah.

Liz said...

Luisa is beautiful - adore her dress and her look. I bet she had a wonderful time.

The pjs and Indiana evening sounds good too. : )

michi said...

and what did luisa the gorgeous think of the opera?

congrats on in posse!

m x

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