Sunday, April 22, 2007

sobbing dog story

The dog’s “braces” detached and it’s my fault. I won’t know for a couple days if it’s money down the drain or if they were on long enough to work. I know dog braces sound absurd. I also thought it was a joke, but Stella’s tooth goes crooked into her gums and the vet said infections could cost more over time than braces, which so far has been 350 euros. Originally we were told 4-6 weeks. Today it’s 6 1/2, but a week ago the vet said we were only about halfway through. So I don’t know if they have to be put back in and will cost 350 euros all over again, or if it will cost less, or what. Shit. I googled “dog braces” and it seems they usually cost closer to a thousand dollars and stay in for months. Arf.

I really hate those braces. Stella hates them even more. There’s a slim metal rod that lies across the front of her mouth held by plastic caps on two teeth. She’s not supposed to chew anything and can only eat soft food. Which means bad breath. Which means the leash. Which means remove anything smaller than a basketball from the floor. I mean, this might work for lap dogs who take 3 5-minute walks a day and eat like birds but Stella is a labrador. She plays hard. She bounds like a horse. She loves balls and sticks. She'd eat like a whale if you let her. So today she picks up a stick and I yank it away and, boink, out came the braces. I really hate those braces.

Still, it’s a beautiful day and we’re invited across the street for dinner. Carlo is jogging. My boy is out boy-ing and through the window I can hear Luisa and a friend glee-screaming "NEIN!” in the next yard where they’re squirting each other with a hose.

And I finally reserved a house for July vacation. Denmark! Unfortunately, but as usual, it cost more than I wanted to spend, but Carlo talked me into it. I let him. This of course was before the freaking dog braces fell out – like two hours before. Looks nice, though, eh? I hope there are some poems in those trees.


Andrew Shields said...

Denmark: cheaper than flying to Massachusetts, I bet!

Rachel Mallino said...

It looks beautiful! And this is the first time I've ever heard of doggie braces. Poor Stella.

SarahJane said...

Probably cheaper than flying to Mass., except there you probably get free room and board, no?

I'd never heard of dog braces either. It was an eye-rolling experience. smile

michi said...

denmark's nice but soooo expensive (at least it used to be). i remember travelling there on my round-the-world-trip in 1998, and we would wonder whether we could afford a bar of chocolate, or a second bottle of milk! i accidentally broke a bottle of wine in a supermarket, and i was soooo scared that i might have to pay for it - but they were sweet about it, and said it can happen, and it's fine. phew.

which part of denmark will you be going to? and i see it comes complete with danebrog, the flag - those northerners are so proud of their countries! *G*


SarahJane said...

I will now put aside a suitcase to stuff with tortilla chips, red wine and swiss chocolate.
I will also bring the jumbo pack of corn flakes and honey loops and plenty of italian coffee.
Hell, I'm bringing flour and baking powder and sugar and bread crumbs. I got some good german potatoes and cabbages rolling off the roof of the car. Bathgel, toothpaste, deodorant and Q-Tips. The children will be asked to jack their knees up on the seats to make room for all the cocoa puffs, dried peas and gnocchi I need for dinner on night number 2!
smile because I'm half serious.

michi said...

sarah, i think my budget back then was rather tight ... backpacking days and all, towards the end of an 8 month trip. maybe you should consider leaving the bread crumbs at home, you can let your kids make them. :)

and btw - norway is even worse than denmark, i was *really* shocked two years ago when i checked out pizza prizes in a restaurant window (16 to 20+ euro). i thought they were talking family size. they were not. and suddenly i was not hungry any more. *G*

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