Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the feast season

I was reading Fodor’s guide to Spain this morning (for no reason at all) and it referred to Madrid as a “Moveable Feast.” It seemed an odd label. And I realized, making the connection in my slow way, what a moveable feast really is. . . a "beweglicher Feiertag!“ Also known as a holiday (feast as in "Fest“ or "festival“) that’s not on a set date but changes from year to year. Originally, it wasn’t a travelling banquet à la Hemingway. It was the holidays orbitting Easter, and including Easter, that change dates from year to year. In German the expression “beweglicher Feiertag” is still current. Too bad we don’t use “moveable feast” in English anymore to describe these holidays. Wouldn’t that make them more fun?

And how can Madrid be a moveable feast? Does it change positions according to the lunar calendar?


Ms Peach said...

My time in Madrid still comes back vividly, in fits and starts, after more than 30 years.

Some of the best memories were of late night dinners; walks at ten or eleven o'clock at night; perfectly and lightly breaded fresh fish in castles, picnics in Retiro Park: lemon Fantas in old plazas; and churos y chocolate on wintery afternoons.

Since I'm now over forty, some might call these memories a moveable feast. Thank you for the reminder.

SarahJane said...

sounds lovely. i like how you DO make it a moveable feast. smile

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