Sunday, March 18, 2007

ooooh that smell

I've been writing a poem in praise of used books. I think it's coming along after stewing awhile, but the last time I posted it a reader suggested mentioning what used books smell like. That's a great idea, so I set about sniffing all the used books in the house to try to describe the smell.

Carlo: Are you reading that Maigret mystery?
Me: No, I'm smelling it.

In the meantime, someone has created a cologne that smells of books. Mamma mia. I do love the smell but can't imagine it wafting from someone's nape and wrists.

"Darling, you smell like a good mystery tonight!"
"Darling, how strongly you exude the must of the 18th century!"

Check out the perfume brewer's whole shop. It is inspired!


kyonkun said...

I agree, it's not a bad smell. Personally, I like sushi so I like the sushi scent.

Anonymous said...

10 years ago, my husband and I designed and still maintain Book Sale Finder - the Online Guide to Used Book Sales. It's free to use, and on the site you can see dates & locations for used book sales across the US and Canada for the next 9 months. Go to Hope this is helpful. You should find plenty of "smell" samples there. Regards, Helen Oram,

SarahJane said...

i suppose if you were trying to escape the jailhouse hounds the smell of sushi might throw them off. otherwise, i think i will avoid.

that's a nice service. all those lucky north americans!

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Sarah, be sure to check out the new Blue Fifth Review:

SarahJane said...

starting reading today, sam. good poems and interesting impressions.

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