Monday, February 05, 2007

I woke in the gloaming, brooding

I must admit today is an especially big hate-myself day. Luckily my books arrived. I got Elaine Equi's Surface Tension & Martin Sorescu's Hands Tied Behind My Back. This was the Equi poem I opened to:

When The Moon Is Full
It's not unusual
for the face
to fill with liquid
or the hair
carelessly pinned
to grow wet.
When the moon is full
we often dream
that the dead
are back among us
and dying again.

Then I wrote that letter to the Academy of American Poets asking why Elaine Equi doesn't have her own page on the site. I tried hard not to sound like a dope. I think I avoided saying things like "Equi kicks ass," and "In a fight, she'd beat you bad." I'll let you know what they say, or don't.


Beau Blue said...

I doubt the academy will bother answering. Those MFA sheepskins distort vision, you know. Limits one's ability to recognize any Americans save those living and working on the east coast.

Academy of American Poets! It's a great name for an organization. A lie, but a great name.

I wouldn't hold my breath, Sarah.

SarahJane said...

i won't. but it still seems truly weird to me that she's not there.
and x, y and z are.

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