Friday, January 26, 2007

yea, and ye shall go forth and grease the palms of the green baboon

It turned out Margin pays $10 per poem.
I was given the option of accepting the $10 or donating it to the site.
Funny how many days it took me to think about that $10.
It wasn’t just any $10.
It wasn’t $10 dollars withdrawn from my bank account.
It wasn’t $10 I got for participating in a marketing survey.
It wasn’t one of the $10 bundles in my monthly paycheck.
It was $10 for a poem.
So I took it.
Not that I didn’t want to donate it to Margin.
But I spent hundred of dollars on poetry books and journals last year.
And subscribed during the last year to three journals.
To say nothing of writing the poem, which Margin nominated for a Pushcart.
It’s not like I’m not greasing poetry’s palms.
So I took it.
And put it where my mouth is.


Anonymous said...

Another good poem, Sarah! Now you're a professional. (I got $7 for a writing tip once)


C. E. Chaffin said...

I applaud your keeping the $10. You deserve it after all your hard work and investment.

The great scams nowadays are all the contests, where the entrance fee totals obviously exceed the prize; avoid them.

I've thought of starting one just to make money off of the ridiculously hopeful but untalented, but morality triumphed. Congrats on the pub.

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