Tuesday, January 30, 2007

excuse me while i wring this long swim out of my hair


Arlene said...

... and your hair is the chicken dinner. hmmmm. that's quite a vision.

congrats on the siren bow! i keep visiting to check if —well— the chinese authorities have finally released your vagina monologues I.

that's great about the $10! what will you buy with it? don't tell me. lipstick.


p.s. a rated-g mind? who are you kidding? the daisies? **snicker**

rae said...

hey sarah, congrats on your blog nod in Siren...that' awesome.

SarahJane said...

arlene -
i believe the $10 will pay for about 0.06% of my daughter's braces.

Jessy said...

Sarah, I love this poem. I am going to copy it into my favorite poems notebook. I only do that with about five poems a year.

-- Jessy

SarahJane said...

so nice that you like this, jessy. thanks.

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