Friday, January 12, 2007

all about my dainty wallet

I sent a submission to a US journal this week. The 7 pieces of paper (6 poems + cover letter) together with the SASE cost 4 euros to mail, or $5.20. Including the 83 US-cent stamp on the SASE, we’re over $6. I decided that was ridiculous. I could be using that for a subscription.

I like switching journals when my subscriptions run out. I’m not receiving any journals now, my subscriptions to 32 Poems and American Poetry Journal having recently expired. I would go for Ploughshares if it weren’t for the annoying “all fiction” issue once a year. I’m thinking Iowa Review this year, and/or Barrow Street.

Poetry Journal Subscription Prices on Amazon (to the US of course):
Tar River Poetry $12 ($6/issue)
Barrow Street $15 ($7.50/issue)
Beloit Poetry Journal $18 ($4.50/issue)
Spoon River Poetry Review $15 ($7.50/issue)
Poetry $35 ($2.92/issue)
Meridian $10 ($5/issue)
American Poetry Review $19 ($3.17/issue)
The Sow’s Ear $25 ($6.25/issue)
Iowa Review $24 ($8/issue)
Ploughshares $24 ($8/issue)
Asheville Poetry Review $32.50 ($16.25/issue)


S. Thomas Summers said...


thanks for the info on these mags. i just subscribed to the new yorker. got a teacher's discount. took advantage of it. hope to read some good things.

see ya here and there.


SarahJane said...

That price for Asheville seems very steep. In fact the Asheville website says $13 per issue, but Amazon insists it's more. I'm tempted to buy an issue just to see why they want so much for it.

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